Are Turkish university degrees accredited and recognized in their surroundings?

The Turkish Higher Education Council recognizes and accredits all diplomas granted by Turkish universities according to the European University Education Program (Bologna), a program that is approved by 47 countries in the European Union.

Accordingly, Turkish university degrees are internationally recognized.

In addition to reassurance, we recommend that you ask the agency responsible for education in your country about recognition of the Turkish certificate, especially for some special study programs

Do I have to be fluent in Turkish?

If the university in which you will study is using the Turkish language as a language of instruction, you must be fluent in the Turkish language of course, if the English language is the basis of the university’s program of study, you must master the English language only, but you will need a degree of understanding and learning the Turkish language to deal with the Turkish students and people from Around you because studying in Turkey also needs social interaction with the Turks in general